Friday, December 16, 2011

Spectra 3 Breastpump

RM 388.00    RM 368.00 (Free Autumnz Breastmilk Storage Bottle  - 10pcs)

Spectra 3 is almost one third the size of the Spectra 2 which makes it ideal for home and office use. The advantages are: very quiet, long life span, rhythmic suction (mimics baby's sucking rhythm - very comfortable to use), adjustable suction, simple to use, dual pumping option available by just getting the breastshield kit. Accessories (breast shield, tubing) are separable so it's easy to wash and sterilize. Its light weight and compact design make it extremely portable and good to use in a small space.

This set contains::
Pump motor/body
1 Bottle with wide neck teat and bottle cap
1 conversion kit for wide neck bottles
1 Breast shield set and tubing only.

Product Specifications:
Suction strength: (mmHg) 0 ~ 270 (+/- 10%)
Suction cycle (Cycles/minute): Approx.35
Lifetime (hour): 1500
Dual pumping options: available
Suction settings: adjustable
Power source: Ac adapter
Electric: Yes
Weight(kg): Approx. 1.4kg
Warranty: 6 months

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