Friday, December 9, 2011

Belly Belt at RM 79.90 70.00


Product Descriptions :-

The unique maternity wear solution for before and after the birth

Want more choice in your maternity wardrobe and don't want to rush out to buy huge maternity clothes the moment you can't button your jeans Use a Belly Belt! Invented in Australia, and officially endorsed by the Australian Society of Independent Midwives, the Belly Belt allows you to continue to wear your favourite jeans, trousers, shorts and skirts for the majority of your pregnancy. It's also ideal for using after the baby is born until you can fit into all your old pre-pregnant clothes again.

Belly Belt Combo Kit

Whether the waist band has a button, clasp or side fastening, this kit allows you to look great in your own clothes throughout pregnancy.
The Belly Belt Combo Kit contains:
  • 2 sizes of Belly Belt button-up
  • 2 sizes of Belly belt Slide
  • 3 polyester/cotton panels (blue, black and white) to cover the gap

Belly Belt Button Kit

A Belly Belt button kit will fit onto button fastening garments. The kit contains:
  • 3 stretchy belts in different sizes with button fastening
  • 3 coloured panels (blue, black, white)

Belly Belt Slide Kit

The Belly Belt Slide will fit onto slide fastening garments 
  • 3 stretchy belts in different sizes with slide fastening
  • 3 coloured panels (blue, black, white)

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